Sunday, May 5, 2013

Types of Materials used for Sculptures

1. The first Sculptures is made of ice and it's a porcupine ice Sculptures.
2. The second Sculptures is made of marble and its a person with wings Sculptures.
3. The third Sculptures is made of rock and it's a Easter island heard Sculptures.
4. The forth Sculptures is made of sand and it's a sand Castle Sculptures.
5. The fifth Sculptures is made of Wood and it's a totem pole.

Friday, March 8, 2013

What I Think of Art

Here are some paintings by famous artists
These first four are by Wassily Kandinsky
And the last one is by Robert Delaunay
These are all abstract art one of my favorite kinds of paintings

Sunday, February 17, 2013

3 Most Weirdest Inventions

First invention is called a Nose Gel Dispenser it's a soap dispenser shaped like a Nose that's just weird because the soap looks like a booger witch is really gross.

Second one is a Daddy Saddle that really stupid and weird who would buy a Saddle for your dad it's not like it's going to Hirt any less.

The third invention is a Baby Dumbbell Rattle witch is weir it's not like the baby will get any stronger it's a rattle not a real dumbbell.

This is were I got this stuff at

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Explorer Project

Ferdinand Magellan was born in 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal.Ferdinand Magellan explored South America, Cebu, East Indies, Mactan, Philippines, and Guam. The dates of his explorations were from 1519 to 1522. Magellan died in the Philippines during the first.Ferdinand Magellan was looking for a faster route to the Spice Islands (East India or South East Asia) for the Spanish crown.Magellan set out in 1519

Magellan was a knowledgable and skillful navigator.Magellan had a crew of about 270 included men from several nations: including Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, Flemish, Greeks, English, and French. On August 10,1519, the five ships under Magellan’s command-Trinidad, Sam Antonio, Concepcion, Victoria, and Santiago- left Seville and descended the Guadalquivir River to Sanlucarde de Barraneda. During the resulting battle against ,Lapu-Lapu’s troops, Magellan was hit by a bamboo spear and later surrounded and finished off with other weapons, he was killed in the Philippines. On September 6,1522 Elcano and the remaining crew of Magellan’s voyage arrived in Spain aboard the last ship in the fleet, Victoria, almost exactly three years after they departed, only 18 men returned . His expedition of 1519-1522 became the first expedition to sail from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and the first to cress the Pacific.
It took only a little over three months to cross the Pacific, and the fleet reached Guam safely in March 1521. From there they proceded to the Philippines, which were unknown to Magellan, since his previous travels in the region had not taken him so far North. It occurred to Magellan to befriend the local king and claim the region for Spain, and so he agreed to aid a local chieftain in one of his battles. This turned into a very costly skirmish—the natives used poison arrows and Magellen and many of the other sailors were killed. The command of the expedition turned to Juan Elcano, who loaded up two of the remaining ships with spices and other valuables before attempting to return to Spain. The return journey was complicated by the fact that the Portuguese were dominant in the region, and were somewhat hostile to the Spanish venture.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Essential Core of Friendship for Me?

Friendship is one of the most importent things I can think of. I love all my best friends and they love me too.
True friendship means you will never let each other down. They care for each other though thick and thin. You can never forget about them because you and your best friend will stick to gether. You rather stay with your friend then do anything else with out them. There is many things you rather do with your friend then with out them. Your best friend is like family so your family to them too. You know if there sad, mad, happy, any feeling you could know because your there best friends.You would know whats going on in there life you can tell them a secret and they will never tell. A best friend knows what's going on in your life. They are always there for you know what it takes.

Like my best friends are always there for me. We all treat each other like family. I love them and they love me. They support me though thick and thin. They will do anything for me and I'll do anything for them. We stay to gather we stick to gather. We are a group of friends that will pertect each other. We will never let anyone hurt me. I have many friends I have good times with them but some friends I have to watch out for people because some people just want to be your friend just to get to something. You can prove that they are your best friend just how they act if they get mad over nothing that is not a good friend. If they are a true friend they would would go every were with you. There is many people out there who love care for you your family friends but You can have many friends but you can only have one best friend. So that is what essential core of friendship for me is.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is This Fair?

I think chewing gum in school is not fair. I know why we can't have gum because kids stick there gum under the tale. They wouldn't stick it under the tales if it was not agents the roles. Then they wouldn't hid it from the teachers they would just stand up and throw it a way. But they have to hid the gum because they don't want to get in trouble. And I see the teacher chewing gum all the time. So why can't we chew gum. Gum really helps to learn. Did you know if you chew a flavor of gum and then chew the same flavor you will remember a lot of what you did. See gum can help a lot. There's a lot of go reasons to have gum in school. Just get rid of the role.